Divine Line in the Sand

When people say they don’t believe in God, mostly they mean that there’s no sign of a being up there deciding just how things will go, watching our every move, working out how to punish us for the bad things we do and bless us for the good. I don’t believe in that sort of god either, and I hope you don’t . . .

The Word Is Very Near

We have been working with the great challenge of our times, the news that climate change will bring no more normal now—that everything will change, and we must change. Our species has no experience with demands so implacable. Our whole world view evolved on a hospitable planet and presumes its continuance . . .

Stay in the City

A film from Danish director Lars von Trier received little notice in 2010, but I hear of it more and more now. It is called Melancholia. A heavenly body—far bigger than an asteroid—has appeared in the night sky. Is it moving? How? Will it fly by Earth? Will it . . . ?

The End of the Earth

According to Genesis, God gave us “dominion,” that we might “fill the earth and subdue it!” Now, this commandment is rather different from all the others in that we have performed it eagerly, to the letter of the law. The Earth: we filled it, and we subdued it. But unlike a horse or a tractor which the master takes back to the shed when its work is done, we don’t know who our master is any more, or when to rest. We are going to keep filling this earth and subduing it until it is subdone!