Be Generationous

If you have studied the Older Testament with me, you’ll remember its undulating highs and lows, with three exuberant Everest peaks, each with its hero—Abraham, Moses, and David; and three terrible troughs between, each with its sorrow—slavery, disintegration, and exile. But here’s the thing. In the trough is where the future comes. . .

Why the Chimes Rang

“There was once, in a far-away country where few people have ever traveled, a wonderful church. It stood on a high hill in the midst of a great city; and every Sunday, as well as on sacred days like Christmas, thousands of people climbed the hill to its great archways . . . ” — a story written by Raymond MacDonald Alden

Born Generous

What is stewardship? Basically, it is a kind of integrity. Good stewardship is as if your God and you were going over every line in your checking account, and every hour of your days, and you are giving an account of each item with gladness of heart.