Where It Comes From

Does history matter? You might think the answer to this question obvious–yes, yes, of course!–and yet feel that the answer is hardly relevant to your personal life. The fact is that down through our thousands of years together, most humans most of the time have looked at the world through lenses which set history off in a vague distant field.

Faith’s First Dwelling

If you have heard a number of my sermons, you will not be surprised to hear me say that I do not worry about a person who is not a Christian. God is good–so that single piece of information–“not a Christian”– does not move me to alarm about the individual’s well-being, define it how you will. . . If it turns out that I am wrong about heaven and God and judgment, I am pretty sure my defense attorneys will be able to make a good case in the courts of the eternal that I learned my way from the example of Jesus.