From a Distance

Today, we are going to think through abortion. In this matter, the wings of our citizenry, right and left, seem hardly attached to the same bird. While our prayer for the wings of a dove must never amount to muddling toward the middle, afraid to take a stand, we can bend down and draw out real thought.

Seek the Low Seat

Could it be more plain that nations yearning to practice only strength, whether financial, legal, military or moral, segregating and oppressing their weak, their workers, their aged, their disabled, their poor, their sick, their least, their lost—that such nations always ultimately lose their bearings and collapse in weakness? Why? Because the human race was not for winning. The human race was for learning how to become humane. Care for what is weak is the core value of the left wing; and all share in its benefits.

Work and Worth

As Labor Day comes tomorrow—and despite the fact that on this holiday in America, the interests of laboring people are not much heard above the songs of summer’s end—let us acknowledge, in obedience to virtues of compassion, courage, and truthfulness what some will not: The gulf between the rich and the rest is becoming so great that it is threatening the whole of our civilization.