The Turning

If God’s son were raised from the dead, and no one saw it, would the resurrection matter? Would there be salvation? Say what you mean by “would it matter?”—say what you mean by “salvation”—and you will have your answer . . .

For Disturbing the Peace

Jesus’ hour has come. All the gospels use this word—the hour—for Jesus’ passion. They mean not sixty minutes, of course, but the time of decision. None of the other words we use to measure time denotes the seriousness of decision—not “just a second” or “in a minute”; not “this week” or “this month” or “next year.” Not even this life, this age, this era bring us to decision. But, the day dawned, and his hour has come.

When You Turn Again

When.You.Turn.Again-BG (from the Breaking Ground series) Texts on Maundy Thursday     March 28, 2013 Luke 22: 14-34 The single great question of human being is this, How may I become who I am to be? How may we become who we are to be?  All other questions are either...

No Separate Peace

We are taking time this Lent with each of the temptations of Jesus. One Sunday, we felt after what can happen when, like Jesus, though we hunger, we wait upon the Lord to receive what is given.
Today, the devil takes Jesus to Jerusalem and places him on the pinnacle of the temple. Notice that Jesus has no power over what is done to his own body . . .

The Tower Complex

In Jesus’ temptation is a word to you about your endless desires. In the second temptation. Jesus is nameless and powerless in a resourceless wasteland. If ever there was an invisible man who for forty days or four hundred years dwelled in a desert of disregard, that soul can receive a visit from this word today, for Jesus had nothing.