Divine Line in the Sand

When people say they don’t believe in God, mostly they mean that there’s no sign of a being up there deciding just how things will go, watching our every move, working out how to punish us for the bad things we do and bless us for the good. I don’t believe in that sort of god either, and I hope you don’t . . .

In Theodore Roosevelt Park

A granite stele with names inscribed of those Americans who prized a Nobel laurel since ’06 stands not high—no obelisk— thus has of four but one face free awaiting marks of mastery in those arts by which we wished most to be saved—novelist, scientist, economist,...

One thing after another

Harlem’s Amsterdam News recently published an op-ed which I wrote with Stephanie Low, head of the Sierra Club here in New York.  It’s about stopping the passage of Trans-Pacific Partnership, a new trade deal which, as I read it, literally and legally turns...

The Power to vote No!

When all the candidates are reactionary or weak-willed, what if we could push them all out with a NO vote — and require a new election, with fresh candidates?

A Light in the Night

Here we are once more at the cusp of the new year. Why do we mark its passing so sharply? Does it matter? From the surface of the Sun, if one could look to the heavens tonight and see Planet Earth fly by